Registration for Introduction to Teaching Online

This practice IS NOT a canned processes that cover content narrowly and superficially.

This practice offers you the opportunity to intentionally let go by doing, creating and connecting with other practitioners, on critical activities that are meaningful to you. Each practice is a delicious taste of a mix of ingredients from various instructional design principles for online learning, the Paul-Elder Framework for Critical Thinking, and from T. Y. Pang’s, “On Tai Chi” practices.

  • You will practice how to find, evaluate, analyze, and apply information within your subject area.
  • You will think critically by assessing your reasoning for clarity, accuracy, precision, relevance, depth, breadth, logicalness, significance and fairness.
  • You will open your connection to understanding and wisdom as it naturally comes and goes in the give and take of your practice.
  • You will get better with practice.

Practice Matters offers you three different paths to go in the direction you want. What’s important is to find a path that works for you and then begin practicing. Choose a path that fits your needs and opens your mind to practice. Let’s begin.

Just getting started? If you are a beginner or hesitant to begin practicing now, get your feet wet with the Lurker practice path. Be good to yourself. Take it easy.

Self-Directed Practice
Feeling adventurous and want to learn by doing, create, and connect with others? Choose the Self-Directed Practice path, if you want to explore and figure things out The Self-Directed practice path is about exploring and doing what is meaningful to you, and creating takeaways and other evidence you will use in your profession. You will also check yourself along the way by reflecting on your practice.