Practice Tai Chi to Be Love and Peace

With proper teaching and sincerity the practice of Tai Chi Chuan can bring a new light to our chaotic world.

We cannot reject the fact that even though our modern world is highly successful with sophisticated technology, we have little knowledge of ourselves.

We may have mastered human anatomy and physiology, yet we scarcely know or understand ourselves.

We are always looking at things outside, rarely do we return and look into ourselves.

We become so preoccupied with seemingly important externals that we do not have time or energy for ourselves. The world seems full of material wealth, yet the quality of lives is getting worse. There are many social problems within our society and internationally; many conflicts threaten world peace.

We do not know how to solve these problems, though we cannot say there is not hope.

The practice of Tai Chi Chuan will improve our physical as well as mental well-being, but will also bring a spiritual awakening which can lead us to solve our problems.

This is to say, at the utmost, Tai Chi Chian can help us to see a loving, peaceful future.

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