Unit 2- The Intellectual Standards


The purpose of this unit is to help you to begin to realize your own understanding of the Intellectual Standards.


The primary focus of this activity is to begin understanding the Intellectual Standards, the second of three major dimensions of Richard Paul’s model, that we utilize to evaluate the quality of our own thinking and that of others.

These concepts are at the core of critical thinking. Without intentional evaluation of the quality of thinking at issue, critical thinking cannot be claimed. It is important that these standards become intuitive, enabling you to identify and overcome low-quality thinking and guide you toward the improvement of thinking.

Additionally, we will return to the Intellectual Traits posts to provide feedback to at least two other learners using the intellectual standards.

For example, you can provide feedback on what is clear or not clear, what needs more depth or more breadth, what is significant or seems superficial, etc. Give this your best shot. If you are the one receiving the feedback, don’t take it personally. This is about getting practice in providing feedback. Finally, please use the prescribed format to provide feedback.

Unit 2- Practice

  1. Watch the following two videos

2. Read the following resource to help guide your thinking

3. Complete the following: Intellectual Standards Practice.

Unit 2- Reflection & Badge

Complete the following self assessment: Unit 2- Reflection & Intellectual Standards Badge

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