Unit 1- The Intellectual Virtues


The purpose of this unit is to help you to begin to realize your own understanding of the Intellectual Virtues.


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To create courses infused with critical thinking, we must begin to think about critical thinking. To think critically we will use reasoning by asking questions, gathering information, making inferences and assumptions to come to conclusions about how to infuse critical thinking into online discussions.

  • We must read and watch the content not as a lot of information to remember, but as tools to think about critical thinking. Thinking about critical thinking is about using empathy, attentive awareness and reasoning by asking questions, gathering information, making inferences and assumptions to come to conclusions about how things should or ought to be, which things are good or bad, and which actions are right or wrong.
  • We must become clear about the purposes of using thinking critically online. We must begin to ask questions, and recognize the questions being asked, about critical thinking to improve how we think about critical thinking.
  • We must begin to sift through information, and drawing conclusions about critical thinking.
  • We must begin to question where information about critical thinking comes from.
  • We must notice the different interpretations that are formed about critical thinking give meaning to critical thinking.
  • We must question those interpretations to understand them better. we must begin to question the implications of various critical thinking interpretations and begin to see how to reasoning is used to come to conclusions.
  • We must begin to look at the world and develop the viewpoint of how to think critically online.
  • We must read and watch the content  looking explicitly for the elements of thought.
  • We must actively ask questions about critical thinking from a critical-thinking thinking perspective.
  • We must begin paying attention to our own thinking about critical thinkings in our everyday lifes.
  • We must make thinking about critical thinking a more explicit and prominent part of our thinking.

First,  we will work through the first of three major dimensions of Paulian Critical Thinking – Intellectual Virtues. This is a significant part of the theory that is often neglected in other approaches to critical thinking.

The focus is on the effective, fairminded application of critical thinking.  A key development point is to begin acknowledging and overcoming our egocentric nature.  People can go through formal education, receive multiple degrees, and be highly successful in their career and yet, not possess important intellectual virtues such as humility and fair-mindedness.

Unit 1- Practice

  1. Watch the following two videos

2. Read the following resources to help guide your thinking

3. Complete the following practice: Unit 1-Intellectual Virtues Activity.

Unit 1- Reflection & Badge

Complete the following refection: Unit 1 Reflection & Badge

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