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More and more people throughout the world are practicing Tai Chi Chuan today because the practice of Tai Chi Chuan does indeed produce the functional results of enlivening the body and calming the mind. Even if people do not practice Tai Chi correctly, they still enjoy some of its benefits.

As Tai Chi Chuan became more popular, books were published to promote it. But it was Tai Chi Chuan’s actual effectiveness as a therapeutic and physical fitness exercise, rather than persuasive books, which led to its increasing popularity. While growing continuously in China, Tai Chi Chuan gradually spread to Southeast Asia, the United States, and Europe.

Tai Chi Chuan has recently attained worldwide popularity. Unfortunately, the quality of both the teaching and the practice has declined seriously. In China many people consider Tai Chi Chuan as something only for the old and sick. Few young people are interested in Tai Chi Chuan; most want to learn more flamboyant styles of Wushu. Similarly, outside of China most young people are interested in theatrical “movie-style” or sports-competition Wushu. In other words, though Tai Chi Chuan is becoming more popular and widespread, the quality of Tai Chi Chuan is not improving. On the contrary, more and more misunderstanding is being widespread.

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Level 1: Paraphrasing-

State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

Today, the practice of Tai Chi Chuan is gaining popularity from practical results. Tai Chi Chuan moves the body as it rests the mind. Tai Chi Chuan can help you even when you are clueless about how to practice.

When people started writing books about Tai Chi it became well-known. Soon Tai Chi Chuan became a trend. Yet, the powerful healing power and natural movement of Tai Chi Chuan, instead of flowery language, made it popular. Tai Chi Chuan grew throughout the world.

Currently Tai Chi Chuan is universally popular. However the quality has plummeted. In China many people think you only need Tai Chi Chuan if you are old and sick. Young people are not attracted to Tai Chi Chuan. They want the action of the martial arts they see in the movies and sports-competition. Tai Chi Chuan has a universal appeal but is widely misinterpreted. The quality of Tai Chi Chuan is not getting better.

Level 2: Explicating-

  1. State the main point.
    1. Tai Chi Chuan has practical results. It brings your body alive and rests your mind.
  2. In other words….
    1. The quality of Tai Chi Chuan is not improving. However, Tai Chi Chuan universal appeal will help you even though it is widely misinterpreted.
  3. For example…
    1. The first time you try Tai Chi Chuan you will feel clumsy and lost. You will not practice correctly, but will still enjoy some of its benefits. Tai Chi Chuan helps you even when you are clueless about how to practice.


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