Pine Tree: Seek Inner Peace and Innate Love

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Almost everything in the world is a power game. Many people are looking to see who is the more powerful; power impresses and is usually thought to be a positive thing. This is another aspect of the “disease of the modern world”. The problem is that we fail to realize how very powerful disease is, while health is not so powerful. Disease is a blind destructive force which can easily wipe out an entire village or town. It always takes time to regain health after the ravages of a destructive disease.

In a way, a blind force is coming out in the world now; and we worship the destructive power which is that force. Thus the disease of the modern world ravages. We have to stop worshipping the powerful and the destructive. Only then can the world become healthy.

Looking at it another way, sadness, excitement, and madness are all contagious; happiness, calm, grace, and beauty are not contagious. Many people indulge in the contagious emotions which cause excitement and attract attention, leading to some sort of gain. In our modern culture the more you gain the greater the social, political, or economic power you aquire. Modern culture neglects peace and love. Most people do not really know peace and love; but they use the words to decorate their wounded egos; were their egos not wounded, people would not be so wild and insatiable. In this modern culture “peace” and “love” are not true entities, they are merely words.

Sometimes people say, “Righteousness always wins.” Unfortunately such is not always the case. But we have a healing power within ourselves. When we get sick we want to recover physically, and our innate natural healing force is always trying to make us recover. But many times psychological impediments, and our “rational” mind, retard the natural healing process. Still we want to live, and we want peace. This spiritual or mental will to survive is strong, no matter how many burdens we have, and despite the fact that the world is in chaos.

We often speak of “peace” without having a clear concept of peace. We are innately good, but our ever-present inner cry for peace is very subdued. The agitations of murder and chaos are so dominating that, until they calm down, people are unable to hear their inner innate peace cry. When we do calm down the agitated turmoil goes away, and we become able to see the inner peace based on innate love. But because we lack confidence in our inner peace and love we create God. In this sense God is only words, not really God.

Close Reading:

Level 1: Paraphrasing-

State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

Power is the name of the game of progress. Blind stinking thinking is a virus that has blown up into an epidemic. We worship the powerful hoping some of it wears off on us. Disease kills with no end in site. To be healthy we have to think healthy.

Stop bowing down to the dark destructive powers that cause your sick thinking. Stop the hysteria of glorifying death and destruction. Open yourself to euphoric happiness.

We have become addicted to the excitement of negative insanity by ignoring natural pleasure, stillness, balance, and grace. We have become addicted to our emotional thoughtless thrills that lead us nowhere. We lust for more friends, money, and power, while cluelessly shunning peace and love. We lie thoughtlessly to dress up the injured and crazed ego. Peace and love become meaninglessness.

Justice doesn’t always win in a world of utter confusion. Sickness requires wellness. We are made to heal naturally, but emotionally we block the natural flow of healing. Our suffering and misery leads us in to a “shell shocked” life.

You cannot have peace without inner peace. We are good and peaceful naturally. A mind driven by death and mayhem ignores inner peace. The calm mind energizes inner peace. Calm brings peace. Outer peace brings inner peace. Inner peace brings innate love. Seek inner peace and love. Seeking peace and love through the word of God is not God.

Level 2: Explicating-

  1. State the main point.
    1. Seek inner peace and love
  2. In other words….
    1. Inner peace and love is naturally inside of yourself.
  3. For example…
    1. When you think observe the thought. Don’t become the thought. Looking for God? Get rid of sick “pedestal worshipping” thinking. Be brave. Look inside yourself.


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