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One of the interesting things about life is that once we see our inner goodness we do not stop there; we continue on to see the inner goodness in other people. This does not mean that we are finished with turmoil; for something always disturbs our balance, so we must constantly recover our equilibrium.

Our bodies require sleep, but how many times have we needed mental rest? If we rest the body but not the mind, then the mind or spirit becomes out of control; finally a kind of insanity ensues. For thousands of years such insanity from out-of-control mind or spirit has characterized human society. But if we give our minds a rest, the inner spirit will shine again; and then society will be beautiful. This resting in the mind is not something that Tai Chi does for you; it is something each and everyone can do for himself or herself through Tai Chi Chuan.

Once we see the innate goodness we try to guide our physical body and to keep the body in good balance. This is important because a disproportion or imbalance in the body is detrimental to the emotions and can harm the mind or spirit. When we are not healthy we indulge in madness and craziness. Finally we are exhausted and use the words “peace” and “love” to decorate ourselves. If you are physically stronger or mentally more capable than others, you may take advantage of other people. Then we cannot say that you are a kind person, that there is love, or that you are a peaceful person. But if we are physically healthy and our emotions are normal, we will not indulge in crazy excitement. The society is colorful, alive and beautiful.

Modern society has a kind of disease; and many people are physically unhealthy or do not have normal emotions. This is why people hunger for love, yet do not know what love is; hunger for freedom, yet do not know what freedom is; hunger for happiness, yet do not know what happiness is.

You have to be happy to know happiness, be free to know freedom; and you have to have love inside you to know love.

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Level 1: Paraphrasing-

State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

When we see the good in ourselves we can can see the good in others. Yet, we still suffer, and suffering throws us off balance. We must constantly rebalance ourselves to be stable.

Our body and mind needs rest. We rest our body with sleep but we do not rest the mind. The essence of our mind (spirit) becomes uncontrollable when it is not rested and you become crazy. Yet, society has always identified with the uncontrollable mind. If society rested the mind like it rests the body, life would be wonderful. Practice Tai Chi to rest the mind.

When we open our connection to what is natural we become inspired to keep our body in balance. The unbalanced body can affect our emotions, cause mental breakdowns, and weaken our spirit. When we are unbalanced we become irrational, crazy and weak. We become sick and resort to using superficial words like peace, love and kindness to make ourselves look good. If we are stronger or smarter than others we may bully and abuse them. We are not kind, loving and peaceful. However, if we are mentally and physically healthy, we can become balanced, not crazy. We become inspired by the delightfulness of being alive.

Modernization is a Cancer that harms people physically and mentally. Modernization can makes us crazy. We want love, freedom and happiness yet we are clueless as to what they are, and what they mean. You have to be happy, free, and loving, to know happiness, freedom and love.

Level 2: Explicating-

  1. State the main point.
    1. Rest the mind and body to know happiness, freedom and love.
  2. In other words….
    1. Practicing Tai Chi rests the mind.
  3. For example…
    1. When you practice Tai Chi you rest the mind by being aware of your movements.


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