Pine Tree: Accepting we are Nature

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Sitting under the pine tree very calmly and quietly is wordless meditation. Naturally nothing should be written down. Yet, the problems of the world are so clear to you when your mind is quiet and peaceful; then you may like to say something because you care about your friends, your fellow people. Of such origins are the reflections here.

These reflections are, as it were, a hand pointing to a certain direction, or a sign showing the way; they are not so-called rules and regulations for people to follow. A sign pointing out directions has no meaning unless a person sees those directions and tries to do something himself or herself, to walk along the road, to live the experience.

So in a way the following words are just like a sign; they are a reflection. From the sign, people may be able to see something. The purpose of all these words is to enable people to see the innate goodness in themselves and in others, to enable them to recover from the “disease of the modern world,” and to free themselves from the conditioning society imposes upon them. No hero or saint can save the world, and neither can any “-ism.” Only people themselves can save the world and save themselves.

A person who is free no longer asks anybody what he or she must do, that person no longer asks for directions. Once a person is free he is always happy no matter what his circumstances may be. And a person who is happy will be good. So in this sense the world is beautiful; in this sense life is eternal. You need not strive to “get ahead” of other people, or cling to imagined “security.” You need not seek to live forever and ever, nor have you the need to say that after you die someone will remember your name. Life itself is eternal.

Life is short. Everybody in the world wants to enjoy life, to be healthy and find contentment. If we do not have innate love, and are not peaceful, then we cannot be happy and content, we cannot be healthy. In a sense we try to use all knowledge to enrich our lives, to make them more colorful. Yet it often happens that the greater our knowledge the more our burdens and troubles.

The so-called “meaning of life” does not consist of living forever, or going to heaven, or escaping rebirth. The true “meaning of life” is: to accept ourselves as we are and our circumstances as they are; to live happily and healthily, reasonably increasing our physical well-being; to share with other people; and to work toward understanding the world. In this sense we say that with our spirit, we should be master of the Universe and of Nature.

Yet this mastery does not mean we are conquering Nature; on the contrary, we are living in harmony with Nature, we understand Nature. So we develop science and technology to enrich our lives. This should be done without arrogance, in confidence, with humility. When you are humble you cannot destroy Nature, you cannot harm Nature. But right now we are in our industrialized society, are arrogant and lack confidence; inner fear throws us out of balance and we use science and technology in an effort to conquer Nature. Nature cannot be conquered. Rather, we destroy and harm Nature, and in doing so destroy and harm ourselves, for we are part of Nature.

Close Reading

Level 1: Paraphrasing-

State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

Meditate by sitting silently under a tree. Watch the reflections of your life come and go peacefully and quietly .

Reflections are like street signs that point you in a specific direction. Reflections are not rules and regulations to obey. Signs have no meaning unless you begin use them, like walking in a specific direction, step-by-step, in awareness of each step.

Words are like street signs. They point you in a specific direction. Words point to your inherent goodness, in yourself and others, and can free you from the constant ego brainwashing on your outlook toward life. Ego brainwashing is the cancer of modern society. You can free yourself of your cancerous ego.

When you are free you do not have to ask for permission or directions. You know how to be happy. No matter what happens. There is an advantage to being happy. Life becomes wonderful. It is meaningless to compete to be better than other people. It is meaningless to want to be safe. It is meaningless to want to be famous or live forever. Embrace your spirit and you will be happy and free.

Our lives are brief. We want to be happy, healthy and free. Yet, we do not know how to love naturally, and become unhappy, sick and upset. We rely on our “spiritual” thinking to keep us happy. However, it is our thinking that is the root of our problems.

Life is not endless and we are clueless about what the future brings. Accept life now to understand life now. Accept yourself and what happens to you and you will be happy, joyous, and free. Connect naturally with others to experience how life happens naturally. Become aware of your connection to the Universe and Nature.

When we connect with Nature, we are in balance with Nature, we are one with Nature. We created science and technology to improve the world. Yet, this improvement brought pride without humility. When we are humble we do not harm Nature. The egoic pride of modern society has spun out of control by weaponizing science and technology to control Nature. You can’t control Nature. Instead, we kill Nature, and we kill ourselves. We are Nature.

Level 2: Explicating

  1. State the main point.
    When you are free you know how to be happy no matter what happens.
  2. In other words….
    We rely on our thinking to keep us happy. Yet mostly it is our thinking that is causing our problems.
  3. For example…
    When you accept life and Nature as it is, you begin to understand life and Nature. Accept yourself and what happens to you to be happy, healthy, and free.


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