Philosophical View- The path to realize innate goodness is through practice

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Tai Chi as a living philosophy is not an intellectual system; it is a living philosophical wisdom. 

Tai Chi practice, not theory or intellectual argument, will help one realize his or her innate goodness, wisdom, and Humanity. Tai chi practice is not mere drilling, rather Tai chi practice is a continuous, attentive process of learning, feeling and being. There is no idea or image to be matched. One lets go of all thoughts in the mind, moving and feeling without any preconceived images or ideas.

The graceful Tai Chi movements, gentle and smooth, help tune the organic and physical functions of the body, breaking old habits and enabling one to achieve new physical skills. This means bringing about a fundamental change in one’s life. 

When the mind is quiet and the functions of the body are in tune, there is peace, love and happiness. Then one is free, spiritual and creative. 

Tai Chuan is

A Way of No Way
A Way to No Way.

Close Reading

Level 1: Paraphrasing- State in your own words the meaning of each sentence. 

Tai Chi is a way to gain wisdom, not a way to learn.

The path to being a natural human is through practice (doing), not through thinking. Tai Chi practice is not a repetitive disciplined drill. It is active learning through feeling and being.  There is nothing to compare or goal to reach. It is letting go of the past and present- thoughts, feelings, movements, and thinking.

The beautiful ly Tai Chi movements, soft and tranquil, connect with your natural, physical body. These movements help you to eliminate fixed habits to open yourself to be able to acquire new physical abilities.  This organic way of living sets us free.

Peace, love and happiness are found in the symphony of the harmony between the quiet mind and the flow of body. You are free. Spiritually and creatively.

Tai Chuan is

A Way of No Way
A Way to No Way.

Level 2: Explicating

  1. State the main point.
    1. Tai chi is a way of gaining wisdom by letting go.
  2. In other words….
    1. To learn Tai chi you let go of all thoughts to open your mind to feeling and being.
  3. For example…
    1. Tai Chi is a natural way of moving  that connects you with the natural flow of life, when you quiet the mind. Watch the flow of a Tai Chi master!


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