Origin of Tai Chi- 33. Jade Lady Throwing Shuttles

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A woman weaving fine brocade moves the shuttles to-and-fro in every direction to effect the design. “Jade Lady” would be a woman of the Imperial Palace, weaving the finest, most intricate brocade with elaborate movement of the shuttles in every different direction. Thus with this movement, you are able to cover all directions with flexibility.

The movement is a diagonal turning, pushing the hand out, “working the shuttles” into the four corners in counter -clockwise order.

In this movement you are training your waist to move clearly and with continuity. You need to move your waist in all TA Chi movements, but often are not aware of it as you might be. Jade Lady Throwing the Shuttles helps train your waist. Practice in this move means that you can go in any direction you want with your arm and whole body moving continuously, the energy continuously alive and flowing smoothly.

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