Origin of Tai Chi- 32. The Wild Horse Parts It’s Mane

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As a wild horse runs about, swerving left and right, its mane parts in the middle of the neck. Energy wise this movement is like the running of a wild horse, and just as the horse’s mane parts, becomes one, and re-parts as the horse swerves from side to side, tossing its head about, so the energy opens and parts.

In this move, when you open your arms it is as though you opened a ring, you feel the energy opening at the place opposite to the physical opening; and as you close your arms you also feel the energy closing on the place opposite to the physical closing.

The place where you feel the opening and closing in your body is at your hands, and the place opposite them. That is, you feel it in the area of the spine slightly below the nape of the neck. There is an opening and closing movement in this area of the spine, but generally you do not feel it. This movement helps you become aware of the energy opening and closing in your back.

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