Origin of Tai Chi: 22- Turn the Body, then Kick Left

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This move trains for balance and controlled kicking.

Put your foot down behind the right foot, resting on the ball only and pivot on the ball of the left foot. Shift your weight to the right leg, lift your left knee as high as possible, toes pointing down. The left leg lifts from the hip joint, keep your pelvis level; then the left leg kicks out with toes up and heel out, as though you were kicking a wall.

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Praticing this move will improve your balance and control when kicking your foot.

First, put the ball your left foot down behind your right foot. Next, put all of your weight on your right leg, then lift your left knee as high as possible from the hip. Always keep your pelvis straight when you lift your legs. Now kick your left leg out until your toes point straight up and your heel points straight down. Like kicking a wall with a flat foot.

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