Origin of Tai Chi- 20. (High) Testing the Horse

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Before you ride a horse you pat it and talk to it to find out how it feels and is likely to act. Thus this move is like testing a horse

Close Reading:

Level 1: Paraphrasing- State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

Before you get on a horse you want to see what kind of mood it is in. You reach up to and pet the horses main and gently talk to it.

Level 2: Explicating-

  1. State the main point.
    • The Tai Chi move is similar to gently reaching up and petting a horses main.
  2. In other words….
    1. This move softy extends your arm.
  3. For example…
    • When you softy reach out to pet a horse you intentionally connect your energy to the softness in the move.

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