Origin of Tai Chi: 13. Left/Right Step Back, Repulse the Monkey

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Imagine a monkey standing and grabbing in front of you to attack you, you defend yourself by using your hand to press it’s head as you go backward.

Close Reading:

Level 1: Paraphrasing- State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

For this move, pretend an upright monkey is in front of you trying to grab and hurt you. As you fall back you can defend yourself by pressing the monkey’s head.

Level 2: Explicating-

  1. State the main point.
    • This Tai Chi move is a defensive move to push someone away who is attacking you.
  2. In other words….
    • Practicing this move can help you if you have a frontal attack from someone.
  3. For example…
    • If someone attacks you from the front you can push them away by pressing their head.

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