Movements in Sequence- The Complete Set

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  1. Facing south, stand straight naturally with feet parallel. Teeth biting together lightly, tip of the tongue curling back gently touching the roof of the mouth. Breathe down naturally to the lower belly, listen and watch your breath move up and down (inner seeing, inner hearing). The mind is calm, peaceful, no language, no preconceived image, but with complete attention.
  2. Raise your arms with wrists relaxed. When they reach shoulder level bend the wrist upward. The elbows are bent slightly and pointed downward.
  3. Let your arms down. When your hands are at your waist level bend your knees slightly.
  4. Shift weight to left foot. Turn right foot and waist to the right (west). Simultaneously the right hand circles up (whenever you turn your foot, pivot on the heel and turn the hip joint). Shift weight to the right.

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