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While practicing Tai Chi Chuan the mind should have no thought or language, it should be free from the known. During practice the mind is quiet, yet has complete attention upon all of the movements. The mind might slip back occasionally into the known, because our physical condition is limited by our past and our movements are not yet in tune with Nature. Or the unhabitual movements (natural or unnatural) may stir up the so- called subconscious mind, and thoughts break in upon the quietness of our mind. When any of these happens in practice, just let the thoughts, the known, come and go; then the mind is quiet, and the practice continues.

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Level 1: Paraphrasing-

Stop thinking when you practice Tai Chi. Let go of all thoughts. Your complete awareness is on the movements. Don’t worry. You will fall short and start thinking. That’s ok. You have been conditioned and defined by your past to reject what is natural, a quiet mind. Your ego will try to stop you from shutting it down. When the ego floods your mind with thoughts, recognize them, and then gently let them float away. Quiet the mind and keep practicing.

Level 2: Explicating-

  • State the main point.
    • Practice Tai Chi with a quiet mind.
  • In other words….
    • We have an ego that always wants attention (selfishness). To quiet the mind is to quiet the ego (Natural Law). Practice Tai Chi to quiet the mind and seek what is natural.
  • For example…
    1. When you practice Tai Chi, and quiet the mind, you connect with what is natural, serenity.

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