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Practice in the morning and evening. In the morning you warm-up and get ready for the day. In the evening you are tired from the events of the day. Practice in the evening to free yourself from the stresses of the day and go back to being in tune with nature again so you can rest better and recharge yourself. Do three sets each time you practice. Do the first one lightly to free yourself from habits. In the second set, correct yourself and work on analyzing and studying specific moves. In the third set let the energy flow nicely. Alternatively, you could do just one set using the three sections in a similar manner.

The amount of practice is up to you; whatever you do, it will not betray you. It is up to you to make the time for practice; the more you practice the more you will learn.

You should wait at least twenty minutes after eating before doing a practice, but this is not so important if you ate a small meal, after a large heavy meal wait at least an hour. After practice if you have worked to exhaustion, eat a small snack and you will feel fine. If you have done a hard workout do not drink cold water, this will give you illness–causing “cold wind,” drink warm water instead. It is best not to practice in bare feet, especially when the floor is cold. On cold morning and evenings you must wear shoes or thick socks, because it is bad for your feet to feel cold; cold feet at the very least will interfere with the proper flow of energy, and at worst will make you sick.

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Level 1: Paraphrasing-

State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

It is on you to practice. Practice twice a day. Practice when you get up to prepare you for the day. Practice at the end of the day to get rid of the stress you built up throughout the day. The purpose is to return to a natural state by refreshing your energy. When you practice complete three sets. During the first set, be soft in your movements to work out the stiffness of your past. During the second set, think about each move and how you can perfect it. During the third set, let go of thinking and just flow (like a river). Or you could do one set using all three methods in the set.

Any amount of Tai Chi practice will help you. The more you practice the more you learn. It is on you to practice.

Do not practice Tai Chi on a full stomach. If you are tired after you practice, eat something small to re-energize. After an energizing practice, drink warm water, not cold. Cold water could make you sick. Do not practice Tai Chi with cold feet. Cold feet block the flow of energy and you could make you sick.

Level 2: Explicating-

  1. State the main point.
    1. The more practice Tai Chi the more you learn Tai Chi. It is up to you to practice.
  2. In other words….
    1. To return to your natural state, practice Tai Chi. The more you practice the more natural you will become. It is up to you to practice.
  3. For example…
    1. You can see energy flow like a river when you watch a Tai Chi master practice. It is up to you to practice.

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