Pine Tree: Rest Your Mind with Tai Chi


One of the interesting things about life is that once we see our inner goodness we do not stop there; we continue on to see the inner goodness in other people. This does not mean that we are finished with turmoil; for something always disturbs our balance, so we must constantly recover our equilibrium.

Our bodies require sleep, but how many times have we needed mental rest? If we rest the body but not the mind, then the mind or spirit becomes out of control; finally a kind of insanity ensues. For thousands of years such insanity from out-of-control mind or spirit has characterized human society. But if we give our minds a rest, the inner spirit will shine again; and then society will be beautiful. This resting in the mind is not something that Tai Chi does for you; it is something each and everyone can do for himself or herself through Tai Chi Chuan.

Once we see the innate goodness we try to guide our physical body and to keep the body in good balance. This is important because a disproportion or imbalance in the body is detrimental to the emotions and can harm the mind or spirit. When we are not healthy we indulge in madness and craziness. Finally we are exhausted and use the words “peace” and “love” to decorate ourselves. If you are physically stronger or mentally more capable than others, you may take advantage of other people. Then we cannot say that you are a kind person, that there is love, or that you are a peaceful person. But if we are physically healthy and our emotions are normal, we will not indulge in crazy excitement. The society is colorful, alive and beautiful.

Modern society has a kind of disease; and many people are physically unhealthy or do not have normal emotions. This is why people hunger for love, yet do not know what love is; hunger for freedom, yet do not know what freedom is; hunger for happiness, yet do not know what happiness is.

You have to be happy to know happiness, be free to know freedom; and you have to have love inside you to know love.

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Level 1: Paraphrasing-

State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

When we see the good in ourselves we can can see the good in others. Yet, we still suffer, and suffering throws us off balance. We must constantly rebalance ourselves to be stable.

Our body and mind needs rest. We rest our body with sleep but we do not rest the mind. The essence of our mind (spirit) becomes uncontrollable when it is not rested and you become crazy. Yet, society has always identified with the uncontrollable mind. If society rested the mind like it rests the body, life would be wonderful. Practice Tai Chi to rest the mind.

When we open our connection to what is natural we become inspired to keep our body in balance. The unbalanced body can affect our emotions, cause mental breakdowns, and weaken our spirit. When we are unbalanced we become irrational, crazy and weak. We become sick and resort to using superficial words like peace, love and kindness to make ourselves look good. If we are stronger or smarter than others we may bully and abuse them. We are not kind, loving and peaceful. However, if we are mentally and physically healthy, we can become balanced, not crazy. We become inspired by the delightfulness of being alive.

Modernization is a Cancer that harms people physically and mentally. Modernization can makes us crazy. We want love, freedom and happiness yet we are clueless as to what they are, and what they mean. You have to be happy, free, and loving, to know happiness, freedom and love.

Level 2: Explicating-

  1. State the main point.
    1. Rest the mind and body to know happiness, freedom and love.
  2. In other words….
    1. Practicing Tai Chi rests the mind.
  3. For example…
    1. When you practice Tai Chi you rest the mind by being aware of your movements.

Pine Tree: Seek Inner Peace and Innate Love


Almost everything in the world is a power game. Many people are looking to see who is the more powerful; power impresses and is usually thought to be a positive thing. This is another aspect of the “disease of the modern world”. The problem is that we fail to realize how very powerful disease is, while health is not so powerful. Disease is a blind destructive force which can easily wipe out an entire village or town. It always takes time to regain health after the ravages of a destructive disease.

In a way, a blind force is coming out in the world now; and we worship the destructive power which is that force. Thus the disease of the modern world ravages. We have to stop worshipping the powerful and the destructive. Only then can the world become healthy.

Looking at it another way, sadness, excitement, and madness are all contagious; happiness, calm, grace, and beauty are not contagious. Many people indulge in the contagious emotions which cause excitement and attract attention, leading to some sort of gain. In our modern culture the more you gain the greater the social, political, or economic power you aquire. Modern culture neglects peace and love. Most people do not really know peace and love; but they use the words to decorate their wounded egos; were their egos not wounded, people would not be so wild and insatiable. In this modern culture “peace” and “love” are not true entities, they are merely words.

Sometimes people say, “Righteousness always wins.” Unfortunately such is not always the case. But we have a healing power within ourselves. When we get sick we want to recover physically, and our innate natural healing force is always trying to make us recover. But many times psychological impediments, and our “rational” mind, retard the natural healing process. Still we want to live, and we want peace. This spiritual or mental will to survive is strong, no matter how many burdens we have, and despite the fact that the world is in chaos.

We often speak of “peace” without having a clear concept of peace. We are innately good, but our ever-present inner cry for peace is very subdued. The agitations of murder and chaos are so dominating that, until they calm down, people are unable to hear their inner innate peace cry. When we do calm down the agitated turmoil goes away, and we become able to see the inner peace based on innate love. But because we lack confidence in our inner peace and love we create God. In this sense God is only words, not really God.

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Level 1: Paraphrasing-

State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

Power is the name of the game of progress. Blind stinking thinking is a virus that has blown up into an epidemic. We worship the powerful hoping some of it wears off on us. Disease kills with no end in site. To be healthy we have to think healthy.

Stop bowing down to the dark destructive powers that cause your sick thinking. Stop the hysteria of glorifying death and destruction. Open yourself to euphoric happiness.

We have become addicted to the excitement of negative insanity by ignoring natural pleasure, stillness, balance, and grace. We have become addicted to our emotional thoughtless thrills that lead us nowhere. We lust for more friends, money, and power, while cluelessly shunning peace and love. We lie thoughtlessly to dress up the injured and crazed ego. Peace and love become meaninglessness.

Justice doesn’t always win in a world of utter confusion. Sickness requires wellness. We are made to heal naturally, but emotionally we block the natural flow of healing. Our suffering and misery leads us in to a “shell shocked” life.

You cannot have peace without inner peace. We are good and peaceful naturally. A mind driven by death and mayhem ignores inner peace. The calm mind energizes inner peace. Calm brings peace. Outer peace brings inner peace. Inner peace brings innate love. Seek inner peace and love. Seeking peace and love through the word of God is not God.

Level 2: Explicating-

  1. State the main point.
    1. Seek inner peace and love
  2. In other words….
    1. Inner peace and love is naturally inside of yourself.
  3. For example…
    1. When you think observe the thought. Don’t become the thought. Looking for God? Get rid of sick “pedestal worshipping” thinking. Be brave. Look inside yourself.

Pine Tree: Accepting we are Nature


Sitting under the pine tree very calmly and quietly is wordless meditation. Naturally nothing should be written down. Yet, the problems of the world are so clear to you when your mind is quiet and peaceful; then you may like to say something because you care about your friends, your fellow people. Of such origins are the reflections here.

These reflections are, as it were, a hand pointing to a certain direction, or a sign showing the way; they are not so-called rules and regulations for people to follow. A sign pointing out directions has no meaning unless a person sees those directions and tries to do something himself or herself, to walk along the road, to live the experience.

So in a way the following words are just like a sign; they are a reflection. From the sign, people may be able to see something. The purpose of all these words is to enable people to see the innate goodness in themselves and in others, to enable them to recover from the “disease of the modern world,” and to free themselves from the conditioning society imposes upon them. No hero or saint can save the world, and neither can any “-ism.” Only people themselves can save the world and save themselves.

A person who is free no longer asks anybody what he or she must do, that person no longer asks for directions. Once a person is free he is always happy no matter what his circumstances may be. And a person who is happy will be good. So in this sense the world is beautiful; in this sense life is eternal. You need not strive to “get ahead” of other people, or cling to imagined “security.” You need not seek to live forever and ever, nor have you the need to say that after you die someone will remember your name. Life itself is eternal.

Life is short. Everybody in the world wants to enjoy life, to be healthy and find contentment. If we do not have innate love, and are not peaceful, then we cannot be happy and content, we cannot be healthy. In a sense we try to use all knowledge to enrich our lives, to make them more colorful. Yet it often happens that the greater our knowledge the more our burdens and troubles.

The so-called “meaning of life” does not consist of living forever, or going to heaven, or escaping rebirth. The true “meaning of life” is: to accept ourselves as we are and our circumstances as they are; to live happily and healthily, reasonably increasing our physical well-being; to share with other people; and to work toward understanding the world. In this sense we say that with our spirit, we should be master of the Universe and of Nature.

Yet this mastery does not mean we are conquering Nature; on the contrary, we are living in harmony with Nature, we understand Nature. So we develop science and technology to enrich our lives. This should be done without arrogance, in confidence, with humility. When you are humble you cannot destroy Nature, you cannot harm Nature. But right now we are in our industrialized society, are arrogant and lack confidence; inner fear throws us out of balance and we use science and technology in an effort to conquer Nature. Nature cannot be conquered. Rather, we destroy and harm Nature, and in doing so destroy and harm ourselves, for we are part of Nature.

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Level 1: Paraphrasing-

State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

Meditate by sitting silently under a tree. Watch the reflections of your life come and go peacefully and quietly .

Reflections are like street signs that point you in a specific direction. Reflections are not rules and regulations to obey. Signs have no meaning unless you begin use them, like walking in a specific direction, step-by-step, in awareness of each step.

Words are like street signs. They point you in a specific direction. Words point to your inherent goodness, in yourself and others, and can free you from the constant ego brainwashing on your outlook toward life. Ego brainwashing is the cancer of modern society. You can free yourself of your cancerous ego.

When you are free you do not have to ask for permission or directions. You know how to be happy. No matter what happens. There is an advantage to being happy. Life becomes wonderful. It is meaningless to compete to be better than other people. It is meaningless to want to be safe. It is meaningless to want to be famous or live forever. Embrace your spirit and you will be happy and free.

Our lives are brief. We want to be happy, healthy and free. Yet, we do not know how to love naturally, and become unhappy, sick and upset. We rely on our “spiritual” thinking to keep us happy. However, it is our thinking that is the root of our problems.

Life is not endless and we are clueless about what the future brings. Accept life now to understand life now. Accept yourself and what happens to you and you will be happy, joyous, and free. Connect naturally with others to experience how life happens naturally. Become aware of your connection to the Universe and Nature.

When we connect with Nature, we are in balance with Nature, we are one with Nature. We created science and technology to improve the world. Yet, this improvement brought pride without humility. When we are humble we do not harm Nature. The egoic pride of modern society has spun out of control by weaponizing science and technology to control Nature. You can’t control Nature. Instead, we kill Nature, and we kill ourselves. We are Nature.

Level 2: Explicating

  1. State the main point.
    When you are free you know how to be happy no matter what happens.
  2. In other words….
    We rely on our thinking to keep us happy. Yet mostly it is our thinking that is causing our problems.
  3. For example…
    When you accept life and Nature as it is, you begin to understand life and Nature. Accept yourself and what happens to you to be happy, healthy, and free.

Pine Tree: Meditation


Ever since I was a little boy I have like to sit under the pines and meditate, just being among the bushes, with the birds. calm, free from words.

What is meditation? Meditation is having nothing in your mind, being free, then you listen to the birds, are with the birds, you watch the trees and clouds, feel the wind blowing; you are part of nature. There is no division. In meditation you see truly, no longer arbitrarily perceiving “good” or “bad”; your mind is pure and the world is beautiful.

Yet the world at large does not seem beautiful. Evil things occur, people murder, or the strong take from others. But beautiful things also occur, people help one another.

When you are happy you do not take advantage of other people. Powerful people who seek to take advantage of the weak are sick in a certain sense, they have a kind of dis-ease. Harming others, or finding satisfaction in watching others suffer is a kind of harmful, contagious disease, the disease of the modern world. Unfortunately, health, happiness, and calmness are not contagious.

Looked at from another perspective, it is agitation which attracts attention, not calmness. When a person sits down under the pine tree quietly, being in harmony with Nature, passersby pay no heed. Nothing attracts the attention of passerby or impresses them. But when a person acts crazy and wild under the pine tree, that attracts attention; and many people will stop to watch.

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Level 1: Paraphrasing- State in your own words the meaning of each sentence.

When T. Y. Pang was young he liked to sit with nature in silence under the pine trees.

Meditation is freeing your mind of all thoughts. You become one with nature by listening, looking and feeling Nature. In mediation there is no side taking such as “good” or “evil”; your mind is empty of thought, you are connecting to what is natural through beauty.

Yet the world can be ugly. People murder and steal from others. Yet wonderfully, people still help each other.

People who are happy don’t hurt other people. People who use power to take advantage of the weak are sick. They are out of balance. Hurting others and the enjoyment of watching others suffer is a destructive poison produced by modern society. This virus of self destruction destroys health, happiness, and serenity.

Getting upset attracts attention. Being calm doesn’t attract attention. When you sit quietly under the pine tree quietly, being one with Nature, no one even notice you are there. To be serene, do not attract attention to yourself.

Level 2: Explicating-

  1. State the main point.
    1. Meditate quietly with Nature to be one with Nature and yourself.
  2. In other words….
    1. When you are one with Nature you are happy and serene.
  3. For example…
    1. Have you ever seen someone meditate while bitching and complaining?

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Pine Tree: A Song From the Heart


All day long I sit beneath the pine,

Or stroll around the pond.

Whether I walk or stand, sit or lie down;

My mind is calm, uncalculating,

Unaware of time passing by,

Just letting my white hair grow.

Were it not that the world cares naught for me,

How could I enjoy this leisure time!

A Song From the Heart
Bai Juyi (772-864)