A Philosophical View- Seek Peace, Love and Joy Inside Yourself

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Everyone faces problems and difficulties throughout life. People speak of peace, love and happiness. Surely, one’s mind can be at peace temporarily when reading something beautifully written, or when listening to a soothing melody, or looking at a beautiful scene. But usually this is only an escape from real life. As soon as one returns to the real world, there is no peace, no love, no happiness.

If there is to be peace in the world, we must first have peace within ourselves. It is true that a peaceful atmosphere can help people calm down, but people who lack peace within themselves always destroy the peace of the outside world.  Many people cannot stand the quietness because their minds are not at peace. When there is noise, their minds are occupied by the noise and they do not have to face themselves. But when it is quiet, they must face themselves and they do not like what they see. Many people have preconceptions about what they should be; often they are influenced by other people’s opinions or by professional expectations. Such people are not satisfied with what they are now; they are dominated by desires and past experiences and do not want to know themselves. They have no peace within. When there is no peace, there is no love or happiness.

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Level 1: Paraphrasing- State in your own words the meaning of each sentence. 

We all have lifelong problems yet we talk of peace, love and happiness. We can experience short peaceful escapes from reality. Yet when the reality of the real world kicks in, we lose our peace, love, and happiness.

Peace is only found within ourselves. Peaceful surroundings can help you to be peaceful for awhile. However, if you do not have peace within yourself you will not enjoy peace outside of yourself.  To embrace the soundless beauty of the world we must first quiet our minds. This is to hard to do. We ignore looking at ourselves by keeping ourselves lost in the circus of our everyday lives. When we quiet the mind we see what we ignore and deny.  Constant survival in a pressurized world teaches us to be someone we are not. We are controlled by what we want and by what has previously happened to us. We do not want to look at ourselves in this present moment. We are unsettled. We are not happy. We are not loving.      

Level 2: Explicating

  1. Seek peace, love and joy inside yourself
  2. We reject our true self by working to stay busy to meet the demands of the culture we live in. We focus on how we did yesterday and what we will do tomorrow, denying ourselves of the happiness of today.  
  3. We made a mistake yesterday and stress about it all night worried what might happen the next day. The next day nothing happens. Just another night of self torture. 


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